Mission Statement

The mission of the Jerome Henry Foundation is to provide educational grants to children, youth and/or schools in need, thereby, contributing to ongoing enrichment in the lives of children and youth and their achievement of excellence in education.


Establish and maintain the Jerome Henry scholarship fund which will be awarded to students in need on a yearly basis;

Support community groups/programs and registered charities whose goals and visions align with those of the Jerome Henry Foundation.

Core Values

Integrity is the foundation of our organization. JHF will conduct the activities of the foundation in a fair and transparent manner.

JHF will share the visions of the foundation and support others in working towards our mission. JHF will model responsible leadership by being actively involved in community initiatives, leading by example, accepting new challenges, and by embracing innovation.

JHF will lead with a constancy of purpose while working as a collective to fulfill the mission of the foundation. We will promote teamwork, responsible leadership and accountability, embracing the belief that one vision equals one voice.

JHF will adhere to high standards as a foundation and will encourage youth to strive for their highest potential in school and community endeavours.

JHF will inspire a sense of community in youth and seek opportunities to partner with like-minded community based organizations.

Get in touch with us.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.